Worksheets: Worksheet 4

Coping During Deployment: A Checklist

If you are the loved one of a service member who is deployed, use the checklist below to remind yourself of some positive ways to cope with the deployment.

You also may want to review the list from time to time to see if you can improve upon your coping strategies. You may choose to complete this checklist once or many times during the deployment cycle.

◻ Find things to look forward to (e.g., take a class, volunteer, start a new project)

◻ Reach out to others in the same situation

◻ Don’t hide your feelings. It is normal to feel sad, lonely, or angry. Talk to people you trust

◻ Do something special for yourself and your family (e.g., rent a movie, cook a meal that your deployed spouse wouldn’t necessarily enjoy)

◻ Concentrate on things you can control. It is normal to worry about your loved one’s safety, but remember, these are things you cannot control. Try to focus on what you can control

◻ Ignore rumors. Only rely on official sources of information

◻ Learn stress management techniques that work for you. Try different ways to relieve stress such as exercising, journaling, or meditating

◻ Seek support from your faith community or other community organization

◻ Take care of yourself (e.g., get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy meals, and drink water)

Adapted from Military One Source